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26 April 2011 @ 12:57 pm
Master Fic List  

I've finally done it and created a master fic list, a post with links to all my fics on here. There aren't many only 15 yet but I'm working on it!!

Plus, snowflakie06 keeps reminding me about it, so I may aswell =)


How Social Networking Started It All - Blaine/Kurt - G - 537
"You have one new request."

It's All About Scarves - Kurt/Blaine - G - 178
Pure Crack!Fic - He loves football, I like scarves.

What I've Been Looking For - General Cast - G - 210
I don't even know...

Gilmore Girls

Something In The Air - Luke/Lorelai - G - 250 words
Written for the prompt "Moonlight", Luke & Lorelai go for a walk after another eventful town meeting.

Change of Heart - Rory/Logan - G - 529 words
Written for the prompt "Ocean Breeze", Rory makes some decisions in her life that she wants Logan to be a part of.

The First Snow is Always the Most Magical - Rory/Jess - G - 289 words
Written for the prompt "Snow", Rory & Jess are staring out a window, watching the first snow fall.

A Pair of Di - Rory/Jess - G - 176 words
Written for the prompt "tattoo", Jess gets a tattoo and here's Rorys reaction.

She Knows How To Twist - Kirk/Lulu, Lorelai/Rory, Babette/Morey - 639 words (+36 for lyrics)
The prompt was Disco, It was 24 hours....what did Lorelai do?

Rock 'n' Roll Kisses - Dave/Lane - G - 253 words
The prompt was Rock 'n' Roll. Lane finally starts to feel like a teenage girl.

All Bets Are Off - Tristan/Rory - G - 379 words
Written for the wager prompt, Rory has to go collect on a bet.

Love Walked In - Dean/Miss Patty - G - 285 (359 with lyrics) words
Written for the prompt Jazz, Dean needs some dancing lessons.

Aphorisms on Love - G - Rory/Logan - 468 Words
The prompt was Epic, Rory's packing for her honeymoon includes The Iliad.

Accept My Love - Tristan/Rory - G - 558 (+115 for lyrics) words.
The Blues does for him what reading does for her.

Twilight Series - The Books/Movies

Back In Ten Minutes - Alice/Jasper - M - 417 Words
Possible book Spoilers for Breaking Dawn
“And they said they would only be ten minutes,” Alice laughed.


Untitled - Jack/Angela - G - 187 words
"Angela, you've done everything you can, let Booth do his job now and find out who she is."

A Close Second - Angela/Jack - G - 293 words
Sunrise - "You were right. This is amazing."

Gah, hopefully more soon!