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26 April 2011 @ 02:31 pm
Fic: What I've Been Looking For  
title: What I've Been Looking For
author: tamswitter
rating: general
word count: 210
disclaimer: I don't own Glee, I only have an extensive collection of Cross Stitch stash. You can have that, but don't sue.
author's note: This all stemmed from a tweet that Kevin posted. From there, it just went downhill. It's pure Crack!fic. Thanks to snowflakie06 for the quick beta and talking me through it on MSN.

"No, Mr Schue. No, you can't make us."

"We'll do anything, we'll rap, we'll bake brownies, but please not that!"

The members of the glee club turned and looked at Rachel, thinking that this was entirely her fault.

"Guys, before you blame Rachel, it wasn't her. It was Emma." Mr Schue paused, waiting for the faces to come back to him. "Her friend's daughter is at primary school and they are doing a talent show fundraiser. They're raising money for you guys to go to New York."

He passed sheets of music around. "This is their favourite musical, you're singing a song from it… for them. No, Artie. No arguments." He replied as Artie opened his mouth to say something. "You will learn it and you'll sing it. For them."

Artie groaned and looked down. Staring up at him was the sheet music for 'What I've Been Looking For'. "Mr Schue, this is worse than the time we went around the classrooms singing Christmas Carols."

"I can't afford to be humiliated this badly." Santana piped up.

The only one who wasn't fighting it was Brittany. She was holding the music and smiling. Suddenly she jumped out of her seat and went running to Mr Schuester. "This is my favourite one ever!"

-- tams
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Christine D.: blaine smile gleesnowflakie06 on April 26th, 2011 03:49 am (UTC)

Seriously, it's awesome! And such a spur of the moment thing to boot! I've gotta say, sometimes those are the best kind of fics. :)

Also, I can totally see Brittany belting out the songs from the HSM soundtracks lol