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Crumpled Edges...

Learn as much by writing as by reading.

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...the writer
Let's see if I can breathe some more life into this journal. I'm taking part in some fic bingos so hopefully they'll get my creative juices flowing. Hopefully that means my writing will start up again in time for NaNoWriMo =)
...the muses
Dawson's Creek (first and foremost), Harry Potter, Bones, Roswell, Young Americans, Gilmore Girls, House, Grey's Anatomy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer...I'm sure there will be more to add. But it's late and my brain is dead.
pacey/joey, jack/jen, hermione/harry, hermione/draco, ginny/draco, harry/draco, hodgins/angela, bones/booth, buffy/spike, xander/buffy, zach/hodgins, willow/xander, willow/tara, willow/spike, rory/tristan, rory/jess, rory/logan, luke/lorelai, sookie/jackson...again, there will be more, but I'm tired.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in any of my fics, they belong to their creative teams respectively. I am merely taking the characters out for a stroll down my creative lane. I will return them, relatively unharmed and as you know them.

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